How We Help Students and Parents

Each student is different in there needs and starting points.

  1. When a student does not know where to start we begin with inventories that ask about their interests, abilities and values. 
  2. We look at their answers to help give them a direction in choosing careers that will fulfill their intellectual and monetary needs.
  3. When they have a number of careers, that they have researched, they feel more confident in committing to a major.
  4.  Once the student has a major in mind then we can move to choosing schools that offer their chosen major and schools that they match up well with.
  5. We work with students to develop and research a list of best fit schools that will increase their opportunity for admission and the best available financial aid offers.
  6.  Using our proven methods 90% of all our students received more financial aid than the EFC need calculation reflects. These schools compete to get our students to attend through their financial aid offers.

Once the student has their list of schools we work with their parents to develop a college funding plan showing them all their options to pay for their student's college education.

We are dedicated to getting our students prepared for their college years and have experience advising them on how to become "College Ready ". We offer self paced courses that teach them accelerated learning programs that just aren't taught in our high schools. As our students complete high school we review their college preparatory courses with their college majors in mind, offering a number of strategies that can maximize college credits before college entry. We also work with our educational partners that prep students for the PSAT/ACT/SAT tests. They show our students how to properly take these important tests and improve their score when the techniques are practiced correctly.

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