Student Positioning

We have found that the positioning of your student improves their financial aid offers much more than just having a college funding plan. We work with your student to position them so they are desired by the colleges they have chosen to attend. We track the schools yearly average aid awards, so we know if the financial aid awarded will help your student attend fitting with your financial plan. We also look to see if your student is in the top 10% of the average freshman class. This changes the dynamic from your student being in competition with other students to get into a college, to one where the college is competing with the other schools to get your student to attend their institution.

When done correctly schools offer more competitive financial aid offers to these students. Over the last 6 years, 100% of our seniors that used all our techniques were able to receive more money than their original Expected Family Contribution calculation had indicated.

We work with your student to make sure that they are on time with all their paperwork, from applications to supplemental forms and prepared for interviews. We make sure they can be successful at each step of the application process, from picking the right schools through acceptance and accepting final financial aid award letters.