List of Service Packages

College Planning 101
A basic condensed planning package for those late in the Fall of senior year that includes the following:

• Two one-hour consultations with our college planner.
• CPS-IL’s Student Admissions Boot Camp Binder (100+ pages)
• College EFC Report (4 schools)
• College planning Senior Class Event Calendar / Planning Checklist
• File FAFSA and CSS Profile
• On-going service available on hourly rate($150/hr).

College Planning 201
A 1-year college planning package for juniors in High School that includes the following:

• All College Planning 101 contents
• One Student meeting (face-to-face) to include a career search as well as a “Best Fit” college search using Career Cruising (or equivalent )
• One Student follow up meeting (face-to-face) to evaluate career, internships, and college majors
• Presentation of Admissions Boot Camp for Student to discuss admissions requirements, admissions essays, how to fill out the basic college application, and how to select the right college
• Expected Family Contribution analysis
• Filing of financial aid forms (FAFSA, CSS-Profile, Institutional forms, etc.) for up to 14 schools
• Analyze all areas as they relate to college as well as your budget, cash flow, taxes, retirement and other areas of financial management
• Copy of our tried and tested College Negotiations letters
• College admission essay review for student, (up to 3) with a written critique for each

College Planning 301
An advanced 2+year college planning package
(our most popular) that includes the following:

• All College Planning 101 & 201 contents and courses
• Accelerated learning classes teaching students to become college ready and improve their ability to study and take tests using cutting edge methods.
• Unlimited Student meetings (face-to-face) where we further discuss:
o career and occupation search, with a “life-cost” analysis
o major and college course evaluation
o college options and evaluation
o college admission essay review (up to six)
o admission application preparation and submission
o admission interview and internship research program
o …and tons of tips that we’ve gleamed over the years with hundreds of students
Client-only negotiations meeting covering the “How-To”
o We will discuss negotiation strategies,
o a full review of financial aid award letters,
o additional tax and budgeting tips that revolve around paying for college,
o and what to do if your offer is not enough from the colleges
• Filing of financial aid forms (FAFSA, CSS Profile, Institutional forms, etc.) for up to 15 schools
• Assist you with negotiating with colleges with templates of our tested negotiation letters as well as advice on the exact steps to follow when negotiating with the colleges.

ALL OUR METHODS ARE TESTED AND WORK: Over the last 6 years, all our students have received more financial aid then their need calculation has shown.