ACT and SAT Prep Recommendations

When we work with students we tell them to plan to take the test at least 3 times. The first time fall of junior year without doing any prep to establish a base line. In January of their junior year they should start a prep course so they can reach the score they need for their colleges of choice. They will then take their ACT or SAT in April and again in June of junior year. I the event they still have not gotten their desired score they can take the test again in August and September of their senior year before their applications need to be sent in. The type of prep course students take should show them how to beat the test, not reteach them high school. We no longer offer prep courses through College Planning Solutions-Illinois since the last test changes. We want all students to take their prep from a proven professional.

We recommend the services of Dr. Beasley for his prep online course. Over the last 10 years, working with students, we have found that Dr. Beasley's prep courses have out scored the local school's prep in addition to the the national advertised companies. The price for the online course is around $300 (subject to change) and he has higher priced courses depending on the level of prep and scoring your student needs.

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