College Planning-Where to Start

The cost of a college education has increased about 40% in the last five years while income has not. It has become more difficult for families to pay for their students to attend college. Today, parents need to have a strategy to afford college cost for all their kids.

A starting point is knowing what their EFC (Expected Family Contribution) is and how the formula is affected by current income, ages, and assets held. Once parents know their EFC and the current cost of attendance for schools that their kids might attend, they can begin to form a funding strategy that will make the most sense for their family’s financial situation. The following link will send you to the EFC CALCULATOR. You can enter some basic information and it will estimate your EFC and tell you the Federal Aid your student can qualify for. Remember that there is more aid available than just Federal aid and that is what we can show you.

We offer a FREE One Hour consultation to discuss your personal finances as they pertain to your ability to afford your kids college expenses and any concerns you may have about your student getting into the college of their choice. We will calculate your Expected Family Contribution using your current income and assets. We then will demonstrate the average financial aid your student could receive from three of the schools they are interested in attending. We have been tracking the average financial aid given by schools for over 18 years. This information is intended to get you on the path to understanding the college financial aid process and give you some hope that you can send the kids to college without going broke!

Call us at 224-338-0424 to set up an appointment to meet with our trained college funding advisor. Remember that time is ticking, don't put this off until your students Junior year, it is estimated that you lose $100 per day in financial aid if you don't start a college plan by your students Freshman year in high school.

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